Reporting Studio Detailed Features

Create Reports

Select data graphically

Business Users select fields from several tables. They simply pick them in a treeview. No need to master the data model, write SQL queries, understand table joins, etc.

Filter data

Each field can be filtered to focus the Report on relevant data. A filter can either be a selection of values (screenshot), or a criteria (greater than, between…) (screenshot)

Sort data

Sort data in ascending or descending order on a particular field (screenshot). You can also define complex sorting orders by grouping data (see "group data")

Group data

Organize your report by grouping data. You can define multiple group levels.
Each group is based on one or several fields, sorted in ascending or descending order.
Each Group may come with totals (see "Define Totals"). (screenshot)

Define totals

For each group based on a numeric field, you can display one or several "totals" (Sum, Max, Min, Average…). (screenshot)

Add calculated fields (expressions)

An expression is a formula based on fields and parameters. It allows to add in a Report a Field that does not exist in the database, but is rather calculated based on data retrieved from the database. The result is displayed like any other field in the report. (screenshot)

Define Report Parameters

You can use parameters to filter reports at run-time. Unlike a filter defined permanently with a static value, a parameter can change each time you run a report.
(Read More)

Use report templates

Apply a pre-defined layout to your report.
Select a type of report and set cosmetic details in just a click (colors, fonts, banner, header, footer…). (screenshot)

Create Graphs

Graph templates allow to adjust various characteristic (type of graph, colors, labels...) (screenshot)

Customize Report Layouts

Existing templates are not enough? Adapt your Report layout to meet your requirements. You can edit title and labels, move or resize fields, add images, change text fonts, colors, etc... (screenshot)

Reporting Studio Report Maker

Deploy to Web and Mobile

Import Reports

Import any existing report created with PowerBuilder and InfoMaker.
All types and formats are supported.

Batch processing

Select large numbers of reports from PB targets or PBL, and import them in a click.

Instant Deployment

No need to change or adapt them in any way. Once imported, all reports become instantly available to Windows, web and mobile users. They will look exactly like the original client/server versions.

Run PB Reports

Desktop Viewer

Run the reports on your local PC

HTML Viewer

Run the reports on any OS, Device and Web Browser

Search Reports

Thanks to this function, find the report you want in a list of numerous reports. This will help you to get quickly the information you want. (screenshot)

Print the reports


Export reports in different formats

Choose your export format : PDF, formatted XLS, raw PB formats, txt, csv, powersoft reports, xml… (screenshot)

Reporting Studio Report Viewer

Simplify Report Creation

Simplify data selection

  • Rename fields with business names
  • Define virtual tables and fields
  • Sort fields in a business order
  • Define relations between tables
  • Associate tags to the reports

Define report templates

  • Create a DW with formatting options to simplify the business user experience.

Simplify Report deployment

Reporting Studio Repository Manager

Schedule & Email Reports


Schedule the automatic generation and sending of your reports every day, week or months.

Send reports by email

Create lists of contacts to transmit your reports as an attachment by email (screenshot)

Technical specifications

DBMS supported

  • Oracle
  • SQL Server (2005- x )
  • SQL Anywhere

Architecture supported

  • C/S application
  • Saas

OS Supported

  • Windows XP, 7, 8


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