Allow business users to create reports themselves

BI users are increasingly business users rather than IT staff.
Although they don't have technical skills, they still want to manipulate information themselves and don't want to wait or rely on IT services to get the information they need. With Reporting Studio, business users can select the data, organize the fields and set the presentation style.
Reporting Studio requires no technical or SQL skills – Only Business Skills.

View reports anytime, everywhere

Reporting Studio allows instant report deployment to Windows, Web and Mobile users.
We support any OS and Devices: all you need is a browser and an Internet Access!
Our user-friendly Report Viewer is HTML-based: zero footprint or setup on the client.
Our Report Server installs automatically on top of IIS.
Simply import your existing Report Library and go live in minutes!
We support any PowerBuilder and InfoMaker Reports.
You can also schedule your Reports: users receive them by email on a regular basis.
Reports are executed on the fly, to retrieve real-time data
Reports can be exported in accessible formats, including PDF and Excel files.
Make your reports accessible from any OS and Device.

Seamless integration with PB applications

Reporting Studio's Integrated Business Intellingence features simplify the user experience.
The end-user can access reports from a UI they are familiar with.
No software deployment – Less user manipulation – Improved response time
Leverage the context of the Application to simplify user experience


What Makes Reporting Studio Different

Reporting Tools are generally meant to be used by developers, they require writing SQL Code to create complete and attractive reports.

High-end BI tools are meant to be used by business users, they offer a rich set of features but they are not integrated into the application and are very expensive

Reporting Studio  gives you the best of both worlds

Less Expensive
Accessible by Business Users
Integrated to the application
Deployed to Windows, Web and Mobile Users

Reporting Studio Positioning

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